National Radio Tour 

The Kingdom Heirs traveled to the big city of Nashville, Tennessee to two of the biggest stations in the Southern Gospel industry. The Singing News Radio (formerly the (Solid Gospel Network) and enLighten Sirius XM radio. We had a great time on this radio tour as we talked about our brand new album, "A New Look" from Crossroads Music. 
First up was a live broadcast from the Singing News Radio headquarters, which featured our first single release "The Chain Gang" written by Mark Bishop and featuring the bass… Read more

The Kingdom Heirs On SiriusXM EnLighten Artist Spotlight! 

Starting this coming weekend on SiriusXM EnLighten the Kingdom Heirs are next up for an EnLighten Album Spotlight!  Be listening Saturday at Noon Eastern as the Kingdom Heirs visit SiriusXM's studio to share their latest album, "A New Look."  You'll hear their complete new album titled "A New Look". Then jump over to iTunes and download your very own copy.
You can also purchase the CD copy  here:

You'll be blessed and enjoy some great music… Read more

Happy Birthday Dennis! 

We want to wish our very own Dennis Murphy a very happy birthday today!  Thank you for all you do!  We love you!

A New Look Reviews 

Here is a couple of reviews for our latest album "A New Look"  
If you have any other reviews for "A New Look" you can submit the links here.

Southern Gospel Critique - link
Southern Gospel Spotlight - link


The Kingdom Heirs featured on iTunes! 

The Kingdom Heirs "A New Look" new release was recently featured on iTunes on the front page of the New Music section in the Christian Music category.  This is incredible news as it is representing all of Southern Gospel music along with every other type and style of gospel music world wide!  
We are very proud of this as the album is only in it's first week of being released. What this means for our music is that it reaches more people than our music has ever reached before and that is very exciting news!
Read more

The Chain Gang Debuts at #33! 

We just received word that our first single off of "A New Look", "The Chain Gang" has debuted at #33!  That is great news!  It was released as the 2nd top new release across the country and now it hits the charts at #33!  Not only that but the last single off of "Redeeming The Time", "Just Preach It" reached #2 on the charts and is still hanging around at #12, which gives us two songs that are in the top 40!  We are extremely excited about the new album coming out.  We are very proud of it and it's our… Read more

A New Look Available For pre order NOW! 

Today, September 18th, you can pre order the latest CD that everyone is talking about and has been waiting for for over 2 years!  Now you can pre order your copy of the Kingdom Heirs latest album "A New Look" on Sonlite Records right here in our Online Store!  When you purchase the CD you will get the cover art and the sneak peek mp3!  You'll be able to view the cover inside and out with all of the lyrics of the songs and listen to a sneak peek of each song just to wet your appetite for some brand new… Read more

Dennis Murphy and the Hall of Fame 

The Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame is located within Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  The Hall of Fame showcases many eras of our music's heritage within its walls.  From the Stamps Baxter Music days of quartet singing, the very first tour bus, stage clothes of yesteryear and today, albums and videos showcasing many popular artists.  If you get a chance to visit the Hall of Fame, make sure you do!  There's a lot to see and experience in there and we are very proud of our heritage and thankful to… Read more

New Radio Release! 

Our new radio single release off of the soon to be released album, "A New Look" is "The Chain Gang" written by Mark Bishop!  Call and request the first single off of this much anticipated recording by the Kingdom Heirs!

A New Look Available For pre order NOW! 

Now Available for Pre-order on iTunes! 
Our new album “A New Look” is now available on iTunes for pre-order at a special price of $7.99. And when you pre-order the full album you will automatically get our first radio single “The Chain Gang”! In a couple weeks, you will get a second song titled “Pieces” and then one more just before the full album is available. So jump over to iTunes and Pre-Order “A New Look” today!


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