"Saving Us A Place In The Choir 3rd Single Release"

The latest single release off of "A New Look" is a catchy four part harmony convention style song by the Kingdom Heirs titled "Saving Us A Place In The Choir".  It was written by the dynamic team of Rebecca J. Peck and Diane Wilkinson which are two of the top song writers of our time.  This tune has become a crowd favorite and we are sure it will get your toes a tappin' and your fingers a snappin'!  Call your local Southern Gospel radio station and request the latest song, "Saving Us A Place in The Choir" by the Kingdom Heirs!
It's also featured on our sitewide player at the bottom of our website.  Just click on it and take a listen!

As always, Thank you for your support!

God Bless!
The Kingdom Heirs