The Kingdom Heirs & Dollywood Celebrate 30 Years Together!

When you think of Dollywood, you think of Dolly Parton, thrilling rides, great food and entertainment and a name that goes hand in hand with Dollywood for 30 years, that's the Kingdom Heirs. Dollywoods resident Southern Gospel Quartet for 30 years. Whether it is at the theme park each day, at the National Quartet Convention, a TV show or their Winter Tour, people always introduce the two together. They just fit together perfectly.

The Kingdom Heirs are proud to call Dollywood their home, and it has been that way for 30 years and counting. 
We look forward returning from our Winter Tour each year ready and waiting to get back and take the stage at Dollywood. There's no other place we want to be!  
We perform around 600 shows a year and we love every moment of it. We love our fans and the way they support us throughout the year at Dollywood and we look forward to getting to talk to each of them as they come to the park to vacation and drop in and see our shows each day or maybe take a weekend to come see us at the park. Either way, we are happy to see our loyal fans and friends each time they come. It's a very powerful relationship that we have with our fans and there are none any better out there!  We have a lot of our fans who buy the Season Passes for Dollywood just to come see our performances each day and we are so thankful for that.
Then there's the new comers who come in from the heat of the day, the rain or the cold. We get to show them about Jesus through the songs we sing and in return it gives them a chance to experience the message in Southern Gospel music that they may have not heard otherwise.  They like what they hear and the next thing you know, a life is changed and we have a new fan of the Kingdom Heirs and Southern Gospel music!  Seeing lives changed at a venue like Dollywood, that has all walks of life coming through it each day is very rewarding and we think we have the greatest platform to share Gods word through song. Yeah, we love it at Dollywood and there's no place we would rather be. It's our home and where we belong.

So come out this year and celebrate with Dollywood and the Kingdom Heirs this year sharing 30 years together and looking forward to at least 30 more!  
Our Dollywood Schedule can be found here as well as on our Appearance Schedule on our website. 
Make your plans NOW to come see us at Dollywood!  We will be waiting!

God Bless!
The Kingdom Heirs,
Kreis, Dennis, Arthur, Jeff, Andy and Jerry