The Kingdom Heirs Working On New Sonlite Records Album

The Kingdom Heirs have been busy as ever with their normal schedule at Dollywood throughout the year and as Dollywood closes for the season, it's tour time.  In the midst of the day to day schedule, we have managed to crank out a new CD called "Something Good" spotlighting the phenomenal vocals of our newest member,, Loren Harris.  If you haven't picked up or downloaded your copy yet, you can do so through the Kingdom Heirs digital download store here.     

Now with that said, the Kingdom Heirs still aren't finished in the studio.  That's right!  They are in the studio right now working on their latest Sonlite Records album and it is going to be incredible!  With great song writers like Rodney Griffin, Dianne Wilkinson, Rebecca J. Peck, Kyla Rowland, Gerald Crabb and Dennis Murphy,penning some fantastic material for the guys to perform, this album is sure to be among the greatest in the Kingdom Heirs catalog.  We are officially kicking of this new record with a bang!  We haven't decided on a title just yet but here's an inside look of the tracking so far and there will be more things posted as we go along through the recording process.  Click on the Inside The Studio link and enjoy! 

Thanks for your support! 
God Bless You! 

The Kingdom Heirs 

Kreis, Dennis, Arthur, Jeff, Andy, Loren and Jerry