Redeeming The Time CD
  • Redeeming The Time CD
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Release Date: 21 May 2013 Produced by: Arthur Rice & Jeff Collins Executive Producers: Chris White & Mickey Gamble At a time when many Southern Gospel groups are changing their approach to appeal to a wider audience, the Kingdom Heirs appeal to those audiences by continually presenting the perfected elements that have always drawn listeners to this music. These elements are found as strong as ever on the group’s new Sonlite release Redeeming the Time. Lead singer Arthur Rice delivers a standout vocal performance on “I’ll Know I’m Home.” Tenor Jerry Martin shines on “I Thank You.” Baritone and emcee Steve French sings “Wasted Years,” and bass singer Jeff Chapman steps forward for the first radio single, “Just Beyond the Sunset.” Redeeming the Time is one of the strongest albums the Kingdom Heirs have ever released and it will remind fans of why they loved Southern Gospel in the first place. Don’t miss this album!

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