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October 15, 2021 - Kingdom Heirs' brand new album "I Feel A Good Day Coming On" is now available on all digital platforms and in can be purchased online here:

Visit Kingdom Heirs Online Store now to order a CD or download individual songs.

This upbeat album has eleven songs on it, including one recorded with The Heath Brothers called "Good Day Coming On."

Thank you for supporting the Kingdom Heirs!

Singing at Sea Cruise Postphoned 

Templeton Tours has announced that the 2022 Singing at Sea Cruise has been postphoned.

Below is their statement explaining why:
"In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to reschedule the 2022 Singing at Sea Cruise. 

Although we had high hopes that the world and cruising would be back to normal by now, that is clearly not the case. The Delta variant has created another situation where States are imposing mask mandates, infections are on the rise, and cruising is operating under a CDC requirement for vaccinated passengers only. Given the spread of the Delta variant, this requirement is likely to be extended through the end of the year and likely into 2022. We therefore decided to reschedule the cruise for January 30 – February 3, 2023. Our hope is that it will be safe to cruise by that time, and there will not be a vaccine requirement. 

The cruise will still depart from Port Canaveral, FL on the Carnival Liberty and sail to Nassau, a private island, and spend a day at sea before returning to Florida. All of the groups, speakers, and entertainers have agreed to the new dates, and the pricing for the cruise will remain the same. 

If you have registered for the cruise, then we understand that you might have a scheduling conflict or work situation that would prevent you from traveling on these dates. If so, you may cancel your reservation up until December 31, 2021 and receive a full refund of the money you have paid towards the cruise. If we have not heard from you by December 31, 2021, then your cruise booking for the January 30 – February 3, 2023 Singing at Sea Cruise will be confirmed, and the normal cancellation policy will be in effect. 

We thank you for your support and the trust you have placed in us for your vacation, and look forward to providing you with a safe vacation full of Inspiration, Relaxation, and Great Southern Gospel Music!"

We hope you'll plan to cruise with us in 2023!  To sign up, visit:

Kingdom Heirs and 3 Heath Brothers Together in New Video - A Good Day Coming On 

Kingdom Heirs and 3 Heath Brothers join together in this toe-tapping video filmed at Dollywood Theme Park. The video gives viewers a sneak peek at the dressing room back stage, a quick tour of the park and these two talented groups on stage in the Showstreet Theater. Turn up your speakers and make it full screen - you'll have a smile from ear to ear after watching this!

Jacob Ellison joins Kingdom Heirs as New Tenor! 


The Kingdom Heirs are proud to introduce their new tenor, Mr. Jacob Ellison. He will make his debut with the group on Friday, March 12, 2021 during Dollywood’s Season Passholder Preview Day. Jacob is 24 years old and is from Candler, NC. He is currently enrolled at Lee University and is scheduled to graduate in May. He has been a part of the university’s world renowned choral group The Voices of Lee, and has also traveled with the Edwards Family, Wes & Karyn Green and The Webb Family. 

"We are very excited to start our new season at Dollywood with Jacob. He is a very talented individual who loves the Lord," states Kreis French. 

Jacob Ellison stated, "It is such an honor to be part of a group that has had as great of an impact on Southern Gospel music as the Kingdom Heirs. The kindness shown to me by the members of this group makes me feel so honored to do ministry with them." 

The Kingdom Heirs are looking forward to starting their 36th year at Dollywood and hope to see many of you there.

Kingdom Heirs Celebrate 36 Years of Performing at Dollywood 

The Kingdom Heirs will return to Dollywood for their 36th year in March 2021. The family-focused theme park opens on Saturday, March 13, 2021, offering more than 40 rides, world class entertainment and award-winning dining for visitors who travel from both near and far.

Dollywood is famous for its festivals and shows, which feature artists and entertainers from many genres. The Kingdom Heirs have been a featured resident artists at the park for 35 years, drawing fans that fly or drive hundreds of miles to hear them.

To view the park schedule, visit

Jerry Martin Resigns From The Kingdom Heirs 


January 2, 2021

Longtime tenor, Jerry Martin resigns his position with the Kingdom Heirs.  A position he has held since 2011.  During his time with the Kingdom Heirs, the group experienced a lot of chart success with several #1 and top 5 songs as well as 3 consecutive #1 debut albums.   

Jerry states, “Being with the Kingdom Heirs was a dream job for me!  Getting to take the stage with these elite singers and musicians has been fun and rewarding.  My decision to resign and basically retire from performing was a hard decision as I have been singing professionally for 28 years.  It’s something I never took lightly and I can say that I am very proud of the work I did in this industry.  

Along the way, I have been blessed to be apart of some great groups. I got my start with the Lumber River Quartet, the Melodyaires, and a brief stint with Mended Wings. I had the privilege to sing with my favorite group the Kingsmen (once a Kingsmen, always a Kingsmen), my hometown boys, the Dove Brothers, and ending up with the Kingdom Heirs.  This is the group I wanted to retire with and that is exactly what I am doing.  I’ve gotten to travel all over the US and several different countries during my career.  I’ve met a lot of great friends along the way and seen some really cool things that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t climb on a tour bus and travel from city to city, state to state, etc. for 17 years.  I got to see many lives changed through music and to me that’s what it’s all about.   

The Kingdom Heirs will find the right man for the position and they will move forward to even greater heights.  I know the fans will give the new man all the love and support they gave me when I first started. 

Now, I’m sure some are asking the question, what am I going to be doing or where am I going?  Well, some of you may know that I started my own vocal academy in 2018.  It has been very successful and I’m proud to say it has been helping a lot of singers and entertainers not only in the southern gospel industry but in many other music industries as well.  When one door closes, God is ready to open up another and that is what has happened. You just have to have the faith to step through them!  

Martins Vocal Academy will be opening up its doors full time as I will be transitioning into a teaching and coaching role.  I have been blessed to have students locally and abroad enrolling in the academy and the list keeps growing.  As I make this transition and open up the academy full time, I will be able to serve more people and our community in ways that I couldn’t before.  This is very important to me as I enjoy being apart of our community and now I’ll be able to serve our performing arts and music community in a greater capacity.  I’ll also be able to help my wife Tabitha more with our insurance business, Martins Insurance Solutions as we are both licensed.   

I am truly grateful to have had a career of 28 years performing and singing and it is a little bittersweet to finally step away from the stage.  I am excited though to work in MVA and take on more students.  Preparing students and helping them hone their skills and talents and watching them succeed is very rewarding to me and something that I am passionate about!  

My last official date and the last time I take the stage with the guys will be January 3rd at Dollywood.  Thank you all for your love, kindness, and support throughout my career and please keep the guys in your prayers as they find the right man for the tenor position.  It has been an honor serving with these men.   

May God bless you all!  I love each and every one of you!” 

Jerry Martin


“We want to wish Jerry and his family much success in their future endeavors and he will certainly remain a lifelong friend of our group.  If we could ask one thing from all of you, please pray for us and The Martin family as we all seek God's will for our future.  From the songs of Jerry Martin.... We will all pick up the "Pieces" and move on because "I Can Pray" and say "Thank You."  God bless you Jerry, we love you.” 
Kreis French : Kingdom Heirs Manager 

We will not be taking auditions at this time. 

The Kingdom Heirs and Covid-19  

During the CoVid-19 Crisis, it has left us, as well as many other entertainers, without work. 
Most of you know we perform daily at Dollywood throughout the year and the fact that they have not opened yet has left us in limbo as well. The fact is that we are living in uncertain times at the moment and as Christian entertainers, we fall into the category of not being essential while under quarantine. 
We miss seeing each and every one of you at the park, and can’t wait to get back! 

We know that many of you are also without work or other means of income. We are continuing to pray for all of our loving and supportive fans. We feel our fans are our family and we humble ourselves to ask for your help. 

We have set up a Kingdom Heirs Support Fund page on our website for all those who feel the need and can contribute to help us during this time. 
Whether you can give $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or more, any amount will be appreciated. 

All the members of the Kingdom Heirs and our families thank you in advance for supporting us through this time. 
We will see you again as soon as we can at Dollywood! 
God Bless each and every one of you. We love you! 

Here is the link to our KH Support Fund page: 

Also, don't forget about all of our merchandise in the online store! We just added our 2020 T-Shirts! Go check them out!

The Kingdom Heirs’ broad talents shine on "Everything In Between"  


The Kingdom Heirs’ broad talents shine on "Everything In Between".

Sonlite Records/Crossroads Music Group:  Arden, North Carolina (August 2, 2019) 
The Kingdom Heirs are illustrating why they’ve been noted as one of the top quartets in Southern Gospel music with their latest album, Everything In Between, featuring full quartet tunes, a cappella hymns, and lively instrumentals. Everything In Between is now available for pre-order. 

Due out from Sonlite Records on September 27Everything In Between allows The Kingdom Heirs’ broad talents to shine. Each style lifts up praise to the Lord for all He’s done for us on Earth. 

The album begins with “Just Drink The Water,” a new song from the pens of Lee Black, Gina Boe, and Jerry Salley about wanting to be a witness of Christ’s love and spreading His message to as many people as possible. Then, The Kingdom Heirs invite all to “Come To The Well” in an upbeat song about all being welcome at the healing stream. 

The title track follows, reminding that no matter what happens in life, Jesus is the first, last and everything in between, something the Bible will tell us if we turn to it. With an upbeat, country feel, this song features bass vocalist Jeff Chapman on the verses with the group joining on the chorus and embodies the heart of Southern Gospel traditions. 

“That water-walking savior who can calm a raging sea 
Who rules this mighty universe and still has time for me 
My doctor and my lawyer, any day my coming King, 
Jesus is the first, the last and everything in between.” 

The soulful “I Have Overcome” features the full group and band, ending with power and conviction as it tells of rejoicing how God has already faced any battles we will on earth. 

The Kingdom Heirs’ instrumental work shines on their rendition of “Sweet By And By,” a classic hymn immediately recognizable with the joyful piano of Andy Stringfield. The album features two other instrumentals. “Crying In The Chapel” has a swing feel of the Elvis Presley classic and “He Set Me Free” is a true old fashioned country church hymn put to a Southern Gospel feel. 

“Holy, Holy Is What The Angels Sing,” sung a cappella, is an old church hymn that tells of the joy salvation will bring and what it will be like to join the choir of angels. The Kingdom Heirs’ voices and harmonies shine as they share the emotion that will come upon reaching heaven. 

Other songs include the a cappella “Nothin’s Gonna Keep Me Down” and “Ready For Glory” and “I’ll Never Get Over The Blood That I’m Under,” featuring the full group. 

Everything In Between closes with “High On Zion’s Mountain” a powerful song penned by one of the group's favorite writers, Dianne Wilkinson. With grand music, it tells of the glorious day when we reach Heaven and the beauty that will be found there. 

With their vocal and instrumental abilities, The Kingdom Heirs praise and worship the Lord with each song on Everything In Between. Whether it’s a powerful song with the full group, a moving instrumental or a smooth a cappella tune, this album has something for each listener looking to lift up the Lord and His message. 

Pre-order the digital copy of Everything In Between HERE.  For the physical CD, you can Pre-order it HERE.

Thanks for supporting the Kingdom Heirs throughout the years!


Kingdom Heirs Top The Chart Once Again With Something Good Volume Two! 

Arden, North Carolina (May 7, 2019) — The Kingdom Heirs's latest album, Something Good Volume Two, has debuted at #1 on Billboard's Southern Gospel chart and at #10 on the Top Christian chart. 

On this album, The Kingdom Heirs recorded some of their favorite gospel songs, creating a collection of newly-recorded music from one of Southern Gospel’s top quartets. It’s a joyful reminder of all the Lord has done with songs retelling classic Bible stories and others about our own experiences with Christ in everyday life. 

"A big thank you to The Kingdom Heirs' fans for buying the new Something Good Volume Two project. We are excited that it’s our second Billboard #1," says The Kingdom Heirs' Kreis French. "The group did a great job, and special thanks to lead singer Arthur Rice for all his hard work." 

The album starts with, “What A Beautiful Day,” a song about longing for the day Christ returns, that stays true to the well-known Happy Goodman Family version. 

On the current radio single “The Lovely Name Of Jesus,” Rice takes the lead with Jerry Martin, Loren Harris, and Jeff Chapman, joining him on the chorus. Rice says this song, written by Squire Parsons and originally recorded by The Kingsmen, has energy and sincerity with a message that simply the mention of Jesus can calm tumultuous situations. 

Other songs include, “It’s Gonna Be A Good Day,” “That’s How I Know,” “The Love Of God,” “Something To Shout About,” “Run On,” “Thus Saith The Lord” and “When We Sing Around The Eternal Throne.” 

The album ends on a joyful high note with “Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho,” a lively, upbeat instrumental with the award-winning Kingdom Heirs band of Andy Stringfield on piano, Dennis Murphy on drums and French on bass joined by a big band brass section.

Something Good Volume 2 


The Kingdom Heirs share their favorite Gospel songs on Something Good Volume Two 

The Kingdom Heirs' Something Good Volume 2 will be available April 26.  

Arden, North Carolina (March 29, 2019) — The Kingdom Heirs are sharing some of their favorite Gospel songs on Something Good Volume Two, a collection of newly-recorded music from one of Southern Gospel’s top quartets. It’s a joyful reminder of all the Lord has done with songs retelling classic Bible stories and others about our own experiences with Christ in everyday life. 

"We recorded Volume One when Loren came with us — as something quick, really, with some of our favorite old and new songs. But everyone loved it so much it’s become one of our most popular albums, so we decided to do Volume Two and hopefully have the same magic,” says Arthur Rice, The Kingdom Heirs' lead singer. 

The album starts with, “What A Beautiful Day,” a song about longing for the day Christ returns, that stays true to the well-known Happy Goodman Family version. 

“This standard is so classic that everyone knows what it is by the first few bars of the intro, and it shows off the incredible range of tenor Jerry Martin,” says Rice. “He gets overshadowed so often that I’m not sure people understand what an incredible tenor he really is.” 

On “The Lovely Name Of Jesus,” Rice takes the lead with Martin, Loren Harris, and Jeff Chapman, joining him on the chorus. Rice says this song, written bySquire Parsons and originally recorded by The Kingsmen, has energy and sincerity with a message that simply the mention of Jesus can calm tumultuous situations. This is also the first single to radio. 

Other songs include, “It’s Gonna Be A Good Day,” “That’s How I Know,” “The Love Of God,” “Something To Shout About,” “Run On,” “Thus Saith The Lord” and “When We Sing Around The Eternal Throne.” 

The album ends on a joyful high note with “Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho,” a lively, upbeat instrumental with the award-winning Kingdom Heirs band of Andy Stringfield on piano, Dennis Murphy on drums and Kreis French on bass joined by a big band brass section. 

“This was such a fun album,” says Rice. “It’s a broad selection of tunes that hopefully everyone will enjoy.” 

Something Good Volume Two will be available from Sonlite Records on April 26.  Pre-order it HERE.