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The Kingdom Heirs Bio

  Kingdom Heirs Biography

                      From the Mountains of East Tennessee, Southern Gospel Music fills the air and is the home of The Kingdom Heirs, one of Southern Gospel Music’s top Male Quartets. The group started performing in local churches and concert halls and as their music and message spread to a wider audience, so did their popularity and demand. Later in 1982 they began singing at the Silver Dollar City theme park, which is now Dollywood. In 1986 when the theme park took on their new name, The Kingdom Heirs were asked to become the resident gospel group and now, both The Kingdom Heirs and Dollywood will be celebrating more than 35 years together.  Not only are they one of Dollywood’s favorites, but a favorite to millions everywhere.

                        The Kingdom Heirs have been nominated many times for industry awards such as The SGMA Awards, Dove Awards and The Singing News Fan Awards. Winning Newcomer Group of the Year in 1989, the group has been a constant favorite. Their album "The Last Big Thing" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts, October 2017.  The latest award is 2017 Band of the Year, which the band also won in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. They have also had many top ten songs, and currently have had 43 top 5 songs in a row and 11 number 1 songs including "I'll Know I'm Home," "The Borrowed Tomb," "Just Beyond The Sunset" (Nominated for Song of the Year), "Just Preach Jesus" (Nominated for Song of the Year), "Tell Me Why," and "He Locked The Gates." Two songs "The Chain Gang" and "Pieces" off of their highly successful album, "A New Look" were nominated for a Dove Award in 2016 and the most recent album “The Last Big Thing” debuted #1 on the Billboard Chart. They have had 29 songs nominated for Song of the Year.

With a nine-month schedule performing to thousands of people a year at Dollywood, the group also tours for eight weeks, January through March. All of their tour scheduling is done in house. Recording for Crossroads Marketing on the Sonlite Records label, they are distributed nationally in retail, Christian Book Stores and Internet. Visit the online store to view their latest album, and be sure to follow their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other streaming platforms!

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Promotional Guidelines

Download File here:  Promotional Guidelines


Scheduling and promoting the Kingdom Heirs for a concert is just the beginning! We hope it will be fun and a rewarding experience for you, as well as a successful event.  Here’s some tried and true guidelines to help you make that happen.

We encourage you to form a team to help support you in organizing the event. After you do that, follow these guidelines to help aide you in a successful event.



 WORD OF MOUTH – Once you’ve finalized everything with us: booking date, time, location etc. the first thing to do is to start a ‘word of mouth campaign’ immediately! Start talking to people about the event. Ask about making announcements in their local churches of friends and family (not just your own). Get your team together. Discuss ways to get the word out.  Start generating some excitement about the event. 

 CALLING - Get on the phone and call as many churches, as you can within a 100 mile
radius of the event (make 25 – 50 churches your goal). It’s not unusual for a Southern
Gospel fan to travel over 100+ miles one of our concerts if they are informed about it. Get a team together to work on this task and divide up the list to call. 

Ask these other churches to

1. Display the event poster 

2.  Put the event in their posted calendar 

3.  Make announcements in services about the concert in the weeks prior to the event. (This is very helpful when churches do this each service as it keeps their members informed and done the right way makes a great impact on your attendance.  The support of churches, music pastors, senior’s ministries, Bible study groups is most important!  Don’t forget to call Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen’s Centers about this. Often they will organize a “field trip” and bring a van-load! Make calls, be encouraging and don’t forget to mail or drop off promotional posters for them to post.  The more posters you drop off, the more they can help you get the word out.

  •   SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Take advantage of all social media marketing—such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. USE YOUR EMAIL LIST!  Create an informational email-blast that churches can post to their Church Website, Twitter or Facebook feeds. Encourage people to “like” us on Facebook, or go to our website: to listen to our music, or watch clips of us performing. This will get the word out to tons of people in a very short period of time. 
  •   DIRECT E-MAIL - Most churches, pastors, worship pastors and seniors’ pastors have e-mail lists for their respective groups. Create an informational letter (email-blast) and ask those leaders to forward it to that list. It is an effective and inexpensive way to reach potential guests.
  •   PRINT - Have all of your posters and flyers printed including a photo of the group, starting time, date, location and ticket information. Poster ‘blanks’ can be downloaded from our website and personalized for your event. Print extras to mail to the area churches that you have already called (above). If you have a mailing list of previous concert attendees, churches, bookstores etc., be sure to send a flyer to these, also. This list can be developed over time from your concert attendees.
  •   RADIO - Be sure to call the Christian and Southern Gospel radio stations in your listening area. Get rates and ask for discounts and special promotion policies. Explore all public service announcements options with other radio and TV stations. Many will announce concerts free of charge—but they really appreciate a good amount of lead time on these announcements. Don’t call them the week of the concert and expect a good response.  Additionally, many radio stations will allow artists to ‘call in’ for a radio interview, or we can provide ‘liners’ to help promote the concert. Contact our office and we will be happy to arrange this. (Be sure to include the station call letters, location, contact name, phone and an e-mail address. Radio is a great way to get the message out to individuals who might not be reached in any other way! 
  •  NEWS PAPER - The News Paper is still a great way to advertise to those who do not get online or do the social media thing.  Make your ad appealing and use an updated photo of the band you are promoting!  Usually local news papers will even put it on their “front page” in you make the event exciting and something that the whole community can get behind.
  •   SPONSORS - One of the most important assets of a promoter is local sponsors!  Getting sponsors for your event is one of the best ways to ease the burden of paying the talent you book.  The more sponsors you get, the less that comes out of your own pocket!  Put together a team to go out among the local businesses in town and the surrounding towns and have them to donate money to advertise their business in an ad bookExample:  1/4 page (business card size) $25.00, 1/2 page $50.00, 3/4 page $75.00 and whole page $100.00.  The more you get, the better off you’ll be.  Within the ad book, add the bands bio, current photo and a few autograph pages for the attendants souvenir of the event.  It’s well worth your time to do this as it can pay for all printed materials: Tickets, posters, etc, as well as the talents expenses and rate.  
  •  CHURCH BUDGET - If your church is planning to host the event and you have booked the Kingdom Heirs in advance. (Usually 1 year in advance) One of the best things you can do is start a budget just for that event.  Each week take up an offering, along with the other regular offerings to cover church expenses etc.  If done correctly, you should have enough in the budget to pay any band or event that you have planned, given that your started the budget and give it plenty of time to build up.
  •   WILL THIS BE A TICKETED EVENT? – If so, remember to:
     Set ticket prices, including: General Admission, Artist’s Circle and
    Group pricing.
     Distribute tickets to churches, radio stations and other sales outlets
    well in advance of the concert. Don’t forget about radio station giveaways and
    complimentary staff passes.
     Develop a method to track sales and money.
     Collect unsold tickets and money at least 24 hours in advance of the concert.

GET CREATIVE! - Think outside the box! Are there other places to advertise? Here are a couple of ideas that worked for other churches. Try these, or maybe you have another idea. 

YouTube: Play a couple of our YouTube videos prior to your services, or during the offertory time (for several weeks leading up to the concert). This often grabs someone’s interest enough to come to a concert! 

Road Signs: If you have a sign board in front of your church (or, if someone is creative at making a ‘sandwich board’.) Post concert information on the sign board for a couple of weeks prior to the concert. Sometimes     people come to concerts who were just driving by, saw the sign and came in. 

 Ask to make announcements at other Southern Gospel concerts in your area. Attend other Southern Gospel concerts in your area in the month leading up to your event. Information about other concerts can often be found at sites like:, individual artist websites, or promoter’s websites. If you ask ahead of time, most event organizers will allow you to make announcements about upcoming concerts.  




  1. Distribute all promotional materials to churches (including tickets, if ticketed event).
  2. Send announcements to all print outlets (activities calendars, church bulletins, newspapers).
  3. Make calls to Radio and TV stations – follow up with posters, CDs, etc.
  4. Start making announcements on Facebook and Twitter feeds.


  1. Start Christian radio advertising. If selling tickets, arrange to do a ticket give-away (several pairs per station), and offer tickets to the station employees. Arrange for Artist’s radio interviews or request ‘liners’.
  2.    2.  Start showing YouTube videos, or using our music as prelude, offertory or postlude for your church’s worship services.


  1. Follow up on advertising efforts. Does everyone have what they need?  
  2. If you are selling tickets, be sure to get all the un-sold tickets and money from each of your ticket
  3. outlets at least 24 hours in advance of the concert. 
  4. If you have not already discussed arrival times and last minute details with us,
    call to confirm appropriate arrangements.


  1. Unless otherwise arranged, the Kingdom Heirs will plan to arrive 3 hours prior to the concert time. Prior to our arrival, stage area should be clear and ready for set-up and sound check.
  2. Have 2 table (6’ or 8’ preferred) set up at the appropriate entrance/exit for sales of merchandise, etc.
  3. Have an usher or volunteer pass out e-mail list cards to get the name and email address of all that attend so they can receive information on future events.  (Builds your email list quickly)
  4. Have meals or food arranged.  (Just a more hospitable way of saying thank you)  
  5. If this is a ticketed event, have a crew ready to handle ticket sales at the door.


  1. Have a few volunteers present to help  with load out. This really speeds up the process!
  2. Send thank you notes to volunteers and churches that have helped with promotions.
  3. Provide feedback on the concert to us through our website.   

If you do these things outlined in this guide, you will have a more successful event and have more success on all future events as you apply these proven methods.

Thank you and we wish you all the success in your promotions!