Inside The Studio

Welcome to Inside The Studio with the Kingdom Heirs!  This is where we take you behind the scenes and a chance to see how much fun and work goes into a Kingdom Heirs recording.  We will be documenting this journey along the way so make sure you check back often as we continue to add photos, video clips and some sneak peeks along the way of the whole process.

We hope you enjoy!

The Kingdom Heirs
Kreis, Dennis, Arthur, Jeff, Andy, Loren and Jacob

The Last Big Thing Promo Videos

The Last Big Thing

Hero's of Faith Promo

Just Another Mile

The Last Big Thing Single Promo

Heaven Just Got Sweeter For You Promo

Inside The Studio

Studio Tracking Day Vids @ Crossroads Music/Sonlite Records

Inside The Studio Gallery of A New Look

Inside The Studio Vids

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