Kingdom Heirs Featured On SGNP Podcast

Recently, Southern Gospel News Podcast (SGNP) visited the Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood in their theater, the Showstreet Palace.  CEO, Darien Southerland, of SGNP said this. "We had the honor to go backstage at Dollywood and talk with all 7 members of the Kingdom Heirs. A group that sings to more people in a year than most groups combined."  Hear first hand, their stories, their lives and their work only on SGNP!  

We had a lot of fun shootin' the breeze with Darien and his crew.  They were all so nice and it was a pleasure to be on the Southern Gospel News Podcast.  You will find the link below to listen to the interview.  Make sure you LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to SGNP to get all the latest podcast interviews unlike any other.  You'll be glad you did.  You can find them on all streaming platforms where you get your favorite podcasts as well as their Social Media outlets.  Go check them out!

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