Kingdom Heirs Latest Single Out Now!

The Kingdom Heirs have just released their 5th single off of Redeeming The Time!  This album is one of the greatest recordings the Kingdom Heirs have ever done.  With 3 #1 songs so far and a song that reached #2, this CD is full of top songs and a fan favorite among the many recordings that the Kingdom Heirs have produced in the years past.  The latest single "Just Preach It" was written by Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca J. Peck. (Christian Taylor Music/BMI & Thomas Peck Music/BMI)  
This dynamic duo has also co-wrote "The Sermon On The Mount", "How We Gonna Live In Babylon", and "The Borrowed Tomb" which also went to #1.  They have written a few more for us either paired up with other writers or on their own for this CD and their efforts were incredible!  The song features our tenor vocalist Jerry Martin and is a crowd favorite. 
Be listening for and requesting "Just Preach It" on your local radio station!