"Pieces" Released As Next Radio Single

The second release off of the critically acclaimed 2015 Kingdom Heirs recording "A New Look" is a song that Dennis Murphy wrote called "Pieces".  The song is featuring tenor vocalist Jerry Martin and has become one of the most popular songs in the Kingdom Heirs set list.  The Kingdom Heirs involved the Heir Head Nation in a poll to pick the next single off of "A New Look" and by a large margin, "Pieces" was the pick!  

Following the successful first release titled "The Chain Gang" which went to #5 on the Singing News charts featuring the bass voice of Jeff Chapman, we are excited about "Pieces".  When you hear the message in the song, it's one that simply tells you, no matter what condition you are in, come to Jesus because he will put all of those pieces of our broken lives that we don't even see or some that we don't even know about yet, together.  All you have to do is bring Him the Pieces.

We encourage you to listen to, share this message with your family, friends and co-workers.  The more people who hear this powerful message, then the more people it can change for God and bring them closer to his love.  

Call and request "Pieces" from the Kingdom Heirs at your local radio station.  Let's get this message of hope out to as many people as we can.