The Kingdom Heirs and Crossroads Music Excited About The Future!

The Kingdom Heirs were at Crossroads Music in Arden, North Carolina for some very exciting future plans for the East Tennessee based group. We are looking forward to working more closely and in depth with the Crossroads Marketing team along with Sonlite Records on all aspects. It's great to have Crossroads Music and Sonlite Records supporting our efforts as we continue on into the future with so many exciting things in the works!  The future of the Kingdom Heirs is brighter than it's ever been and we are all very thankful for the hard work that Crossroads Music and Sonlite Records do for us behind the scenes as well as what is obviously seen.  
We have a new Sonlite Records project in the works as we just finished cutting tracks. We are excited about the new recording and we have a variety of writers on this one. Writers like Mark Bishop, Terry Franklin, Dianne Wilkinson, Rebecca Peck, Dennis Murphy, and Rodney Griffin just to name a few.  We feel like we have some really great songs on this one and we are so excited to be in the studio again. 
We haven't set a time frame for the Sonlite Records release but there will still be more from the Kingdom Heirs as we have the 30th Year Anniversary cd that is now available for purchase either through our website or a Kingdom Heirs concert. We also will be finishing up and releasing the forth volume of the Redbook Series very soon so be looking for that. 
Many big things instore for us this year!  We are celebrating our 30 year anniversary along with Dollywood this year which is so exciting!  We return to Dollywood March 21st to kick off the new season.  The Kingdom
 Heirs are looking forward to working more closely with Dollywood as we bring in 30 years together!This is just a few of the many things we are looking forward to this year and the years beyond.