The Kingdom Heirs At GMA Immerse!

The Kingdom Heirs were a part of the GMA (Gospel Music Association) Immerse Conference for songwriters and developing artists.  It took place at the Lifeway Center in Nashville Tennessee. There were popular song writers representing all the different genres of Gospel music on stage and performing the songs that have been cut by major artists in those styles of music. Southern Gospel music was represented very well to. Dianne Wilkinson took the stage and the piano. Dianne began telling these young writers about 4 part, male quartet singing and then she brought out Dollywoods very own, the Kingdom Heirs. What an impact the Kingdom Heirs had on these young writers and artists that have never heard Southern Gospel music before. The packed house were on their feet by the end of the 2015 nominated Song of the Year, The Joys of Heaven!  It was very refreshing to see a room full of young people really getting into our style of music and enjoying it.  It was a great experience for us to be a part of this showcase with Dianne and it was a treat for us to get to hear some amazing singer/song writers of the different genres of Gospel music. 

If you are an aspiring song writer and would like to be a part of this great industry, we hope you will take the time and attend the Immerse Conference. For details go here