The Kingdom Heirs Start 31st Season At Dollywood!

After a successful winter tour this year, The Kingdom Heirs will return to Dollywood for it's 31st season!  The Kingdom Heirs will begin the season in the Showstreet Palace Theater.  This theater is the fans pick on where to see the popular Kingdom Heirs.  It's a favorite among the many fans that come see the band as well as the bands preferred theater to perform in.  This year we will be at the Showstreet Palace Theater for most of the year until the park changes over for the Christmas season.  From there, we move to the Pines Theater in the 50's themed area of the park.  We will finish up of 2016 season at the Pines Theater and then get ready for another winter tour.  But for now, you can find us as soon as you walk through the front gates of Dollywood at the Showstreet Palace.  

We are looking forward to another amazing year and doing some cool things within our shows.  Last year we just scratched the surface with the addition of our baritone/guitarist Brian Alvey​.  We plan on incorporating more things from him in that aspect.  We have some other plans for our Heir Head Nation this year as last year was a tremendous success!  We have some recordings we will be starting soon so be looking out for those sometime this year.  Seems like we have a lot going on so far and our season will just be getting started!  So come on out and see us at Dollywood in the Showstreet Palace Theater this year!