The Kingdom Heirs To Appear on Hallmarks Home & Family Show With Dolly Parton

May 21, 2016 kicked off the Hallmark Channel's television taping of their popular Home & Family show and they brought the show to Dollywood this time!  Featuring our boss, the Patron of Dollywood, the legendary Dolly Parton, the Kingdom Heirs were invited to take part of a special segment of the show as it showcased Dolly's and Dollywoods strong heritage in gospel music.  The Kingdom Heirs have represented gospel music in the worlds best theme park for over 31 years and has become one of if not the most popular show at Dollywood.  That's no small feat when it comes to the other great shows within the park.  From country music shows, 50's & 60's rock music, bluegrass, magic shows, all of the festival shows and the ever popular Christmas shows during the Christmas season, the Kingdom Heirs are still going strong.  
We are so excited that we get to share a glimpse of our music with a lot more people who will tune in to see the Home & Family television special.  The show will showcase Dolly's life from her humble beginnings to the legend she has become today and we are so proud to be apart of it.  

Make sure you tune in or set your DVR's to catch the show starting May 30th - June 3rd.  It will air each day at 10:00am on the Hallmark Channel.  Don't miss it!

Here's a few behind the scenes photos of the rehearsal.