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The "Redbook Volume 4" is nearly completed and with the addition of our new baritone, Brian Alvey, our sound is better than ever!  We are excited to be in the studio once again cutting a new record.  The Redbook Series volumes are very popular with our audience and fans.  We are proud that we get to record these wonderful songs straight out of the Church Hymnal.  In fact, the Museum Center at 5ive Points, a regional history museum located in Cleveland, Tennessee, has announced plans to unveil a permanent exhibit on the history of the iconic Church Hymnal, commonly known as the “Red Back” hymnal.  It's the most sold hymnal in history!  This is exciting news for our music heritage!  

To kick off our celebration of the Kingdom Heirs 4th volume, we are "giving away" a sneak peek mp3 clip exclusively to our email subscribers!  You won't be able to listen to it on Facebook, Twitter or even on our website.  This "Special" mp3 will highlight every song on the new "Redbook" recording and all you need to do is sign up on our FREE email list!  That's it!  Nothing else is required.  Just simply click on the link to our email list sign up page below and add your email address.  You'll receive a confirmation email to confirm, click it and you'll be on your way to receive exclusive content that only our subscribers can get!  We will end this Free "Redbook Vol. 4" give - a- way as soon as we get the CD in our hands.  But don't worry...  We have BIG PLANS this year for our Email List Subscribers!  All throughout the year we will be doing some give - a - ways and of course all of the exclusive content that our subscribers get FIRST!  

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